Our Capabilities

Styling Development Center

Goldreal Ltd. has an expert team of designers in Europe. Goldreal takes the point of view of the customer and works with their philosophy to create a concept and design especially for them, based on their needs. This makes things easier for buying departments and makes the final customer feel proud to buy the product in their retail shops or webshops, so they will want to come back and buy again.


Goldreal Ltd. has his own factory in mainland China for orders with less than 2,000 pieces, each color. With partners, they have factories in different countries in Asia such as The Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and others. European customers don’t need to pay a 12% import tax for products of these countries.

They product jeans, linen, silk, chiffon, round knitted, leather and many different materials combined together, as needed.

Washing Development Department

Goldreal Ltd. has a washing development center. They create washings based on individual customers’ ideas. Washings are always unique and up to European standards with a good hand feel and smell. The company uses ec0-friendly chemicals from Garmon, Dystar, etc. For customers who want the most environmentally friendly products, they work with laser technology (chemical-free, 100% organic).

Fabric Production Network

Goldreal Ltd. has a large network of fabric producers. The company holds detailed information about each producer’s machines and their capacity. Goldreal uses this information to identify the perfect fabric for each product at the most affordable price. The fabrics chosen are always of the most durable quality.

Ethical Production

As a Fairtrade Company, Goldreal strives for transparency in everything they do. Customers can ask about any aspect of production and see the company’s processes. We aim to be honest and friendly.